Monday, November 3, 2008

Well this is a little unnerving, my first ever blog post.  I guess I will just dive right in as this is more of an introductory, hi, how are you, my name is Taryn, hope you find what I write to be interesting and entertaining but if not please don't add a rude comment as I get enough rejection already being an actress, post anyway.  I actually have to give credit to my brother for motivating me to start this blog.  I know in my 'about me' column I credit all the blogs and vlogs that I've come across because of 'After Judgment' for the inspiration but it was my brother, his newsletter and his lack of a blog that really put the fire in me.  

My brother Tim sends out an email newsletter every morning called 'Confessions of a Lehman Trader:'.  You see he happened to leave his fast paced Wall Street life and ultimately move back to Vancouver on the very day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.  Pretty crazy I know.  So now that he is back in our hometown and weighing his many options, he started writing.  Now I haven't read something of his since high school when my mom would make me look over one of his papers as I was his super smart sister who went to Duke.  Sorry Tim, but those papers weren't very good.  So when I heard that he would be writing a daily newsletter on investing, regardless of how successful he had been at Lehman's on his trading desk or the 4 years he spent at Tufts, I freaked! (in a big sister protective type of way).  What if they were poorly written and were non-sensical?  I feared that his reputation would be sullied before be even launched his financial career in Vancouver.  I held my breath and waited for the 'ting' of my inbox.  How proud I am to now say how wrong I was!  Every morning at around 6am, I receive a well-crafted, engaging and insightful commentary on the world of investing and finance.  And I understand about 20% of it.  But that's OK (well not really as I was an economics major) as I can at least understand the thesis of his piece and gleam a bit more information on what a positions trader at an investment bank actually does.  Why is his newsletter so great in my opinion?  Because he writes what he knows (which is apparently a lot) and he is incredibly passionate about it.  I can only imagine the valuable insights that a junior trader could take away from reading Tim's well-articulated thoughts.  (Just like the amazing ideas I gathered from watching the PRNews Webinar that Brian Solis and Publicity Hound hosted last week on using Online PR to grown your business- I was like a kid in a candy store.)  What is wrong about his newsletter?  Not enough people have the chance to read it!  He doesn't post it anywhere on the web!  The more I think about it from an outreach perspective the more I lose my marbles!  But I will work to change that...his lack of blog that is, not my marbles.

So how does this boomerang back to me?  Well, there are a lot of things that I am passionate about and a lot of things that I consider myself knowledgeable on, they just don't all reside under the same roof.  I have never had the opportunity to merge all the sub sects of my creative work and interests in my life onto one cohesive platform, from my audition tales and acting adventures, to my continuing attempts to write a mythic TV series, to my love for travel and art, to discovering new ideas in media and technology, to my dabblings in the fashion world, and to my musings on life in general, but maybe through this blog I can.  I warn you- I'm a Gemini- so I never know what story or thought will tickle my fancy.  I love to discover and learn new things, call me an aspiring Renaissance woman, and when I discover something new and fantastic I love to share (but don't ask to borrow my clothes I'm very particular about that). So I guess we'll see where this blog takes me!  Lots of exciting (and challenging) things happening in the world, especially with the election tomorrow.  Get out and vote- make your voice be heard- like I'm endeavoring to do as well.

On a side note, I'm thankful to all the people in my life who have been a champion of my big dreams and my unorthodox choice to pursue the 'creative life'.  Here's to them and to my little bro.  Be back soon. 

All things T.  

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