Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day...and I can't vote!

This whole 'being able to write something when the inspiration strikes you' thing is really cool, why didn't I do this blog thing before?  So it's Election Day and as the title indicates, I can't vote.  Yuppers, I'm Canadian, and though I'm blessed by I.C.E. (don't mess with them) with my 10 year permanent residency status (ie. the Green Card and no it isn't green, it's ivory) I have yet to obtain my US citizenship.  So I watch today from the sidelines and what colorful (albeit colorfully divided) sidelines they are.  Two interesting things to point out about myself:  1) I am an actor and as most are, very liberal in my beliefs, 2) I am married to a Republican.  Cue the uncomfortable silence.  Living in LA and taking into account the first point, I am surrounded, no swarmed, with loyal and fervent Obama supporters.  But what I am also surrounded by are fervent Republican haters.  And when I say haters, I mean haters.  Just saw a status update on my Facebook page of someone 'warning Ohio and Florida not to f*ck up the country again'.  Really?  Is that the most constructive and inspiring thing you can write on Election Day?  I am proud to have my liberal views and believe that an Obama led country will offer us our best chance at a bright future, but does that mean that I don't listen to my husband's point of views? Do I paint him as a villain because he is a fiscal conservative and has, let's say, less liberal social views than I do?  We'll kind of, but it's his right to have these views and even though I will continue to argue and even plead with him to see issues through my blue tinted glasses, if he doesn't, that is his choice and right.  So vote your heart, support equality (No on 8!!) and don't hinder the process by being spiteful- that goes for both sides of the bleachers.  Be back soon.

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