Thursday, November 6, 2008

Following the Bird to where it takes me...aka A Balance

Too much to do today with creative work, paid work (sadly very un-creative) and prepping the house and the schedule for my brother (yes the ex-Lehman brother) and his girlfriend's visit to LA but I still wanted to post a few thoughts, actually maybe just simple observations on the digital world and it's ability to foster creativity and change (yay! Obama!!!!).  I'm a huge twitter fan.  It is quickly ensconcing facebook for me (barely any of my 250 odd friends post updates or articles, and the 20 people that do, most of whom I don't know all that well, blanket my newsfeed with political articles day in and day out.  I'm getting tired of it as I'm sure they are tiring of me and my After Judgment plugs!)  Twitter is a new discovery for me, a world I peaked into because of 'After Judgment' and my efforts to spread the word about the show through a new social networking platform.  I definitely had a few weeks of 'huh?' 'who do I follow?' 'will they think I'm stalking them?', 'why are YOU following me strange person from Virginia?', but now I happily venture down the 'twitter hole' and land in new fantastical worlds everyday- so many new people with so many new ideas. This exposure to a new world (no not a brave new world, no soma needed here) is ironic as I have entered a certain point in my life where my group of core friends has pretty much solidified.  I am privileged to have amazing people in my life, both here in LA and in Vancouver, but even though life brings changes, like a new baby or a new job (or loss of one), the true dynamics of the group has almost stopped evolving.  Being a bit of a gypsy myself, I look to move, to change, start afresh, have a new adventure, but I'm a married grown-up now and that sh*t doesn't fly!  I can't very well just pick up and head to San Francisco and intern at Revision 3 because I dig(g) the Totally Rad Show or move to Silver Lake because I want to surround myself with cool artistic types.  Just not an option anymore- not that it ever really was because I had my Hollywood blinders on right after college.  But I have the option to check out new worlds everyday and have my creative brain be shocked into overload because of the sites and sounds (yes a pun on words) that I have stumbled upon.  Maybe this is what porn is for guys?  A forbidden but accessible fantasy life?  You don't have to answer that...but I do feel 'alive' from my digital interactions.  I had a really crazy brilliant idea this morning on how to get a long gestating script idea out there and develop it on the web- it's so thrilling to me to suddenly have this breakthrough and I can't wait to start working on it.  All of two months ago I would have thought that the only way for my story to find an audience would be through the long, drawn out, painful (yet lucrative! don't get me wrong) and probably doomed to ever get greenlit because I'm not J.J. Abrams process that Hollywood offers us writer/ creators.  Network TV would be a nice end game but the growing connectivity of the web and its followers is a game changer.  Hopefully I'll be able to prove that.  Oops- been writing longer than I meant to.  I promise to write more fun and fluffy pieces about style and travel and movies on the web in the future but for now I am happy to write about a lovely balance that I have obtained in my life- full of stability, friendship and inspiration.  w00t!  Be back soon.

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