Monday, January 5, 2009

A Little Slice of Me...(wait that sounds weird)

Hey all, happy new year!  I hope that 2009 brings you whatever you are envisioning.  I sense an energy of inspired change! (I wonder if a certain event on January 20th has something to do with it??)  I'm working on some new postings right now but as they are always a wee bit lengthy, in the meantime I thought I'd share some recent interviews/ articles that I've been lucky enough to have written on me and on my work as a producer/actress on the webseries 'After Judgment'.  Please click on the links and then comment on the sites and help spread the word.  I'd really appreciate it as would the rest of the 'After Judgment' team!

Pink Ray Gun is an awesome entertainment news and review website geared towards fangirls like me!  They profile all my favorite shows and even have a Buffy for Beginners for those of you looking to dip your toe into this mythic and amazing series.  They also have their own sci-fi comic strip called Intergalactic Law.  

Slice of SciFi is one of the best sci-fi sites out there!  It has been around since 2005 when a bunch of Trekkies banded together to save Star Trek Enterprise from being cancelled.  Now the site hosts news, reviews and a great weekly radioshow/ audio podcast on all things cool (well in my opinion!).  Mike and I were interviewed last month and the interview was just on Sirius Satellite Radio last Monday and you can download the audio podcast from this link!

On a final note, please check out AFTER JUDGMENT on!  We are proud to have them as distribution partners.  A brand new episode will launch next Tuesday the 13th!

Keep being inspired and I'll be back soon...

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